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Area Rug Cleaning & Repair Service

Albrite Carpets is family owned and operated and has been serving New England since 1931. We provide professional In-Plant rug cleaning and repairs. We have a state of the art cleaning plant to give your area rugs a deep professional cleaning.

We Offer:
20% Cash & Carry Discount | Pick Up & Delivery | ScotchGard™ 
Deodorizing | Moth Repellent | New Padding | Wrap for Storage
| Repairs | Written Appraisals


Your rugs are valuable and should be treated with the care and quality workmanship only Albrite Carpets can offer. We have state of the art cleaning equipment in our plant to give your area rugs a deep down cleaning.

We can pick up and deliver your area rugs or save 20% off the retail price with cash and carry by dropping off the rug yourself.


• New pads 
• Scotch Guard Carpet Protector -  Teflon coating after cleaned keeps cleaner longer if wiped up quickly
• Moth repellant - for wool carpet - harmless on pets and children
• Animal odors - deodorizing
• *Disclaimer additional costs may apply 


Professional Carpet Cleaning In-Plant

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In-Plant Cleaning

All rugs are tagged, inspected for type, size, condition, appropriate cleaning method & special handling. Rugs are then dusted to remove sand and loose grit (accumulated fine sand destroys the fibers and increases wear dramatically). Rugs are then pre-treated for stains & heavy soil and fringes are cleaned by hand. Rugs are then shampooed, jet rinsed, wrung out and hung on poles that hoist the rug into our temperature and humidity controlled dry room. When the rugs come down from the dry room they are again inspected. If they do not meet our stringent cleaning standards they are cleaned again. All rugs are wrapped in 40 weight paper and made ready for your pick up or our delivery. 

In-Plant cleaning can be dropped off Mon - Fri 9:00-5:00 or Sat 9:00 - 3:00

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Rug Repair & Restoration

While your Oriental rug is in our plant we can reweave, hand sew new fringe and offer a professional written appraisal for your records or insurance needs. Binding and serging are available for your domestic rugs.

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